A Guide On Women's Health Pysiotherapists

A women's health physiotherapist specialises in providing physiotherapy for women with gynaecological or obstetric issues. Read this article to learn more about the work of women's health physiotherapists. What Is the Work of a Women's Health Physiotherapist?  A woman's body undergoes physical changes during pregnancy to accommodate the baby in the womb and prepare her for delivery. For instance, the hips widen and the pelvic muscles loosen to ensure the woman has an easy time giving birth.

Reformer Pilates Explained

As a low-impact form of exercise, Pilates is popular with those wishing to build strength and tone their midsection. Reformer Pilates uses a machine, which was originally designed by the founder of Pilates, to assist and support you as you work through a range of Pilates movements. The reformer machine looks like a massage table with springs and has a sliding carriage with a pulley system and ropes. The reformer can look quite intimidating if you've never used one before, but it's actually very simple to use.

What Factors Determine The Number of Physio Sessions One Needs?

Are you about to start your physiotherapy and you're wondering how many sessions you will need to heal? This is one of the main questions most people ask, especially if they have never tried physiotherapy before. Generally, sessions last for about an hour, but they vary depending on the health problem. What happens during a physio session? During the first session, your therapist will get more details about your condition and how you are feeling.

Training Like the Pros Do: A physiotherapist's Top Tips for Putting the Spring Back in Your Step!

The dark days where trails were covered in ice and snow are behind you. Now that your body has recovered from months of hard work – and the sun is shining, it's time to hit the trails again. However, the key to easing back into the kilometers is making sure you stay injury free. Other than a sports physio assessment, you need to progress steadily and avoid getting greedy with the miles.

5 Important CrossFit Training Tips

CrossFit training is a flexible program that consists of a daily series of short but intense routines that involve almost every part of the body. Most routines are about 10 minutes long and usually work one or two muscle groups per session. It's a tough but efficient way to exercise, and it delivers results faster than traditional strength training. If you are new to the CrossFit method, here is a starter guide to use as a road map to weight loss success.