Two fitness tips for those who lead busy lives

If your day-to-day life is quite hectic, it can be difficult to find time for fitness. Here are two ways to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, even if you're a very busy person.

Create an at-home gym

Going to the gym every day can be extremely time-consuming. Even if you only do a 45-minute workout, the time spent travelling there, showering, changing and travelling home again can result in you spending more than two hours on this activity.

If you enjoy using gym equipment but have neither the time nor the inclination to spend several hours a day at your local fitness and leisure facility, it might be worth setting up an at-home gym. Having a treadmill or weightlifting bench in your own home means that you can do a high-intensity workout whenever you want, without having to travel anywhere. You can simply roll out of the bed in the morning and, in a matter of seconds, begin training.

If you purchase used gym equipment, rather than brand new items, you should be able to create your at-home gym for very little money.

Should you decide to opt for second-hand items, it's also sensible to inspect them in person, to ensure that they are in good condition and are a suitable size for the area of your home in which you intend to put them.

Add short bursts of movement into your daily routine

It's a common misconception that the only way to increase your fitness levels and enjoy all of the health benefits of exercise is to do intense, lengthy workouts every day.

In reality, short bursts of physical activity, performed several times a day, can be just as effective as a single, hour-long workout. As such, rather than trying to squeeze in a full hour or more of exercise in one go, try to simply move your body more throughout the day.

You could, for example, do a fifteen minute at-home pilates workout in the morning (using an instructional DVD or online video for guidance), walk or cycle to work instead of driving or using public transport, and then spend 20 minutes doing some vigorous housework (such as hoovering, scrubbing the bathroom floor or cleaning the windows) in the evening. These brief bouts of movement won't interfere too much with your daily routine, but will still amount to a substantial workout which will help to keep you in good health.